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Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Subject:yikes stripes
Time:4:27 pm.
there is a pressing need in the back of my mind to put things in writing, because otherwise all these memories will fade into nothing but a vague feeling, a single photograph, or nothing at all. so lucky you, my online journal, you get a brief reprieve from utter neglect.
school is over, basically. a few last personal projects, the actual graduation ceremony, and that will be that. i'll spare any unnecessary verbiage and just put it how i really feel: yikes!
so lately it's been lots of holding on to friends who i may end up living down the street from in a new city, or may end up never seeing again. stuff like:

-a night in the park in mt. vernon with laura, sue, gant and taryn, amid others, just sort of laughing and making merry like the bums and vagrants that we surely seemed like.
-showcase, which was a weird blend of formalism and just a hint of everyone in the department sort of chilling out for half a second to cooperate, if just barely. there is always in-fighting but i don't think anyone wasn't able to, at least a little bit, stand there and think, hey, we did it. we looked pretty pro. i'm proud of all of us.
-post-showcase trip to the tavern for all two minutes, only to find it insanely crowded, and be called 'toilet-face' by trudi. then moving to dougherty's with manderson and little t, and how good it was to relax after hours of stress and work, and to watch evan launch into some other evan-world.
-our last big party at the apartment on saturday, and how it started slow but kind of nice just the same, riffing and joking with ray, christian, evan, gant, and taryn, and then laura and the girls showed, and more, then more, and eventually it was a blur of awesome people talking, laughing, playing guitar hero, dancing, and other good times. sad to see the night ever end!
-ikea with christian, ostensibly to buy frames, but even more to get delicious lingonberry drink. teaming up our anger against the super-slow computer lady, and then randomly seeing adam and mike sitting in the parking lot, listening to npr. what the heck, guys?
-classic 7-11 with laura. did you know they make a full throttle slurpee now?
-all the cool kids hanging their show on tuesday. lunch with gant, and then discussion of how awesome little caeser's used to be leading to a trip to towson area with manderson and little t. discovering little ceaser's has no seating, and the surreal experience of eating pizza while sitting on a bench in the baseball field of a poly-technical institution. and then, the quest for ice cream.
-gant convincing me, taryn, and evan to go to holy frijoles with him. the tasty food, the wrinkly seat, the open windows, and evan running after the car while we deserted him and gant.
-all of the above with me and laura, and later geoff and uncle gary too, watching 'beyond the valley of the dolls' and the more or less nonstop roll of laughter it provides, even if taryn did have a nightmare later.

i count on there being more to come. i demand it.
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Friday, March 30th, 2007

Subject:Hi, Again
Time:4:09 pm.
This entry is less of an update for anyone who may still check this and more of a strange act of self-organization inexplicably published on the web.

Some projects I hope to finish before graduation:
Toilet-face's Guide to Girls: The Deluxe Mixtape Edition!
Toilet-face: Fashion Icon - Toilet-face paper dolls kits!
Toilet-face buttons!
Business cards and postcards for myself!
A series of screenprints!
A better website?!?!

Some things that have happened/are happening:
I am graduating in a month and a half; yikes.
Laura was accepted to, among other schools, UPenn for grad school, and so wheels have begun to roll towards us moving to Philly in the upcoming schoolyear. This appears to be the "next big step."
Laura has a show at the Sheppard Gallery in Ellicott City from April 14-May 14. Her paintings are so good! Gallery website: http://www.sheppardart.com/
Many little things are happening. We will disregard such details for now.

Okay! Enough life-organizing; back to life-participating.
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Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Subject:DMP and Honey Allergies
Time:1:59 am.
Ok, so I kept thinking about posting. And there are two things that successfully pushed me over the edge:

1. Over the past several days, we've heard/come up with several quotes that sounded like titles Kenny and I would have used for Livejournal titles back when we both regularly posted. The best is as follows:
"Isn't it funny that you can be allergic to bees, but not honey?"
"Yeah, 'cause don't like, bees make honey?"

2. I reread my last post and it sounds like a really happy three year old wrote it. What the heck?

So Merry Christmas everyone. It's a new post!

I'm home enjoying some time off, spending the holidays with family and friends. That is a good thing. I miss Laura, and that's not so good, but I think I'll head back sooner than later. A more indepth post may actually be on the way.
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Sunday, November 12th, 2006

Subject:If I kiss you where it's sore, will it feel better?
Time:9:46 pm.
Hoo-boy! I'm being more productive lately and that feels good. I'm at the Main desk again, tryin' to help folks out, and hoping not to annoy the full time staff people too much. Oh, and not let anyone rob the place I guess.

Today I got a Thermos at Target but didn't get jeans, which was what I actually needed/wanted... but I am a weird size I guess, and there was literally one pair of them. Meanwhile, I had good company in the form of Laura, and there was a new Jones Soda holiday variety pack, and this one promises to taste way less nasty than the last one, as they are all pie flavored! Yes. Pie-flavored Jones Soda.

We watched some sweet TV and movies this weekend, and I worked through parts and other parts just couldn't help but watch. We had Simpsons, Daria, "28 Days Later," and "Bottle Rocket." That is a pretttty good collection! And after not playing Xbox for several days, it is way clearer to me that it's a real time-waster. I got apple pie flavored Ben & Jerry's, too- what's up with all this pie? Also I had a raspberry pie that I got on the first trip to Superfresh we've taken in some time. Man!

I talked to Kenny one evening and that was pretty sweet. I hope to see lots of cool people over the slowly upcoming break. Maybe I'll email some other people? Who knows.

I enjoyed this weekend, which is weird, because I was anxious about work coming into it. But I've been doing fun stuff and working in equal measure, and with projects coming together and good times being shared, who can complain?

Meanwhile though, should I keep doing this journal? Maybe it just makes more sense to do a personal, "real" journal. I'm not 17 anymore and the thrill of this thing sure is waning.
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Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Subject:Hey, guess who's bored at work?
Time:10:16 pm.
How about some happenings of note?

Last weekend was a sort of strange one. With a bit of prodding from Christian, and an inflated paycheck expected, I decided it would be a good idea to drive to Frederick to buy a used Xbox for a drastically reduced price. So he, Evan and I hopped in the car and made the long, very pretty, and very windy drive there Saturday after I got off of work. We found the seller's house, and it was pretty much what I guessed: a mom selling her kid's box, although the kid wasn't sitting there crying while the mean college kids took it away- he got the cash himself and it's going towards an Xbox 360. So go figure.
Anyways as for Frederick, we weren't making that drive for just that, and we all ended up going for dinner at Famous Dave's, which is a barbeque-centric version of those 'family restaurants' with random crap all over the walls. But our waitress, Bonnie, was friendly and ex-goth, and the burgers were borderline ostentatious- seriously, a 1/2 pound patty with BBQ pork AND bacon? We went for it.
So we drove home and I was way too tired to go out, and so I missed all Halloween revelry and pooped everyone's party.

On Sunday I worked an event where I disappointed Fred Lazarus himself. Not that it mattered, because he'll never remember me! Whooo.

Classes went well as I could ask for, although Laura and I lamented over our Prints midterm; whoa, it did not go well.

Laura and I were working together and we watched the Scorcese version of "Cape Fear." Since school is just so generally busy I think this is the first movie I'd seen in maybe a month- and it was, ah, okay I guess. The cheek-biting scene was pretty "Whoa!" but everything else I already knew from TV countdown shows and that Cape Fear episode of the Simpsons.

But hey, then Friday night Laura, Ally, and Jen came to our place and watched "Night of the Living Dead" with me and Christian. Hey, that's a pretty good movie. A classic ending. A classic ending which would be ripped off in the movie Christian and I then watched last night, "Cabin Fever." What a weird, just-sort-of-okay movie. There are some really gross scenes, sure, but what is UP with the "pancakes" kid? Seriously? I don't think Eli Roth, the director, has as much a sense of humor as people think he does- all the characters are completely hateful and no one acts funny except random spurts of completely unexpected quote-unquote humor. Okay that ends my movie review section, but I guess I'm just all jazzed up about it 'cause I haven't seen any in a while.

Hey what about my work? Comics are coming, well, sort of. At the moment I'm taking a little break from comics in thesis so I can try some new stuff, but comics are still in the mix here and there. I'm finally getting really into the kid's book I'm doing in senior thesis, so that's exciting.
Closed Caption Comics got some real exposure after SPX, too! That's pretty exciting. I'm glad to be a part of it, there's so much cool art coming out of the group that it's really good to join in. Sammy Harkham apparently is interested in selling stuff from them, and Tom Spurgeon put the group blog on his site. I gotta post there soon!

Okay that's about it for now. I'm posting from my first shift at Campus Safety- bugging people for IDs and calling shuttles basically. It's real nice and cozy in the Main Building after dark- all yellow and glowy. And Laura even brought me dinner. What would I do without her? Probably play Tony Hawk Underground 2 on my Xbox all day. And that's no good. No good at all.
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Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Subject:"I hate... so much... about the things that you choose to be."
Time:12:31 pm.
Wow, things are happening and happening, and boy have I neglected to say much about them.

Okay so big things:

SPX was two weeks ago, and it was pretttty awesome. Our table was looking really good- everyone just had tons of awesome stuff and I think people were getting excited about the whole Closed Caption gang. We all sold a pretty good amount of comics, met a lot of cool people, and got names out there, not to mention being there for Brian Ralph passing his kidney stone. Good times.

Senior Thesis midterm was one week ago, and it went really well. Our guest critic was Mark Chiarello, the current art director for DC Comics. Despite the fact that my work is nothing like DC, and that DC puts out a lot of crap, Mark was really quite smart and entertaining- and well aware of the crap that his own company makes. He offered some really good advice to me, and between some of his comments and some things Jose had to say today, I'm starting to really understand the things I don't like about my work.
Note to self: form follows content!

Christian's birthday was two days ago, and we had a fun little evening involving singing and candle-blowing twice, as there were two cakes, a rotating guest list, and Christian forgot to make a wish the first time. We had a fun time with our really ghetto set up with his pinata, and played with punch balloons and the sort of gross but fun Spongebob toy I got Christian (and was sort of mocked by the Rite Aid lady).

Christian and I (later joined by Evan) successfully watched like seven or eight episodes of Arrested Development in one sitting last night. (I was at least working while doing so...) It's so funny it hurts. "No, Michael, it's not part of my trick."

"...it's part of my ILLUSION!!!"

So much more has happened lately, why can't I think of any of it?

Laura is all healing up from her bike assault; I don't know how she resists picking her scab, I'd be all over that thing.

It looks like I'm gonna start working for Campus Safety as a desk monitor soon; training is soon and then my first shift is probably Sunday. There goes my only day off! Oh well. More money will be good.

Okay that's all for now, more to come sooner or later.
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Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Subject:Get your poop in a group.
Time:10:02 am.
It's Saturday morning and here I am, sitting all alone in the cold grayness of Campus Tech, so how about a journal entry?

Oh boy, what a week. Well, things got real interesting Thursday night, when some girl riding her bike in the pouring rain plowed into Laura on her way back home on dinner break. Laura got real banged up, especially her leg, enough to warrant a trip to the ER and 12 stitches, not to mention busted glasses and more. So that really sucked for her, and I felt pretty helpless at the time, though I was at least able to pick her up from the hospital, and have tried to be helpful and supportive and so forth. We hung out last night watching Arrested Development and this weird Nickelodeon Friends thing, the highlight of which was seeing clips from old episodes of Doug and Rocko's Modern Life.

Today is Ray's birthday so at midnight we surprised him with cake and presents and things. Well, by "we," I mean me and Laura G, since Christian and Evan just sort of disappeared, though Christian did reappear (with Krista? Christa? Crista? Krizzsstaah?) and we all hung out, ate cake, and then the three of us played Halo while Ray sort of watched then meandered to bed. Then I realized that I should've been sleeping, or doing laundry, or both. Whoops!

The illustration party yesterday was less awkward than a bunch of art students hanging out at a school-sponsered party could've been, and we did get free food and various free other things. While all the cool comics were gone by the time I won the raffle, I did manage to get the completely creepy Alan Moore poster that's totally going to hang somewhere in my studio where he will stare at me, silently probing me to work harder on my comics. Stephanie bullied me and then some freshman, then Tyler and I discussed things like Mike's pants. Good times... I guess.

Some vague updates on school? Okay! Things are going a little better, as I am starting to get things together and really understand how little time I have before SPX. I need to finish a series of block prints?? Yikes! But Let's Just Be Friends #1-4 is almost all stapled and just needs recut, a quick and easy matter. Once I get out of this office I'll have to get cracking on school work pretty furiously.

Evan is weird! He's always disappearing and being secretive about it. Oh, Evan!

Alright I'm out of stuff to write about right now. See you later journal pals.
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Saturday, September 16th, 2006

Subject:"When I see my work, I am thinking... it is nothing special."
Time:2:57 pm.
Oh man! We (Laura and I along with all three roommates- yes, all four of us together! Actually doing something! Rare but possible.) went last night and saw "The Protector," the US release of "Tom Yum Goong." Evan, Christian, and I tried to watch it once when I borrowed a copy of the original Thai release from Marvin, but it was all jacked up and we only saw the first twenty minutes or so, which in no way prepared us for the awesomeness of the rest of it. Okay, the plot is nonexistant, the acting is generally so-so, and there's all this horrible dubbing in the US release specifically, but all that aside, it is insane that one man can do the things Tony Jaa can do completely unaided. Go see it if you are at all interested in watching a guy fight his way up four flights of stairs in a four-minute, single-shot fight sequence, or if you like seeing like 40 people get their limbs broken in 40 different ways, or a 300-400 pound men being beaten with elephant bones. We all discussed its coolness on the way back.

In other news... uh, school is going on and on. I made a to do list today and it's really long. (Updating my journal, of course, is not on it.) I feel really, really busy, but that's probably a good thing. A lot of it is the pressure of SPX and getting everything done for that. I'm excited though. And it's great motivation.

The Comic Con this past weekend was pretty alright; well, it was better than my last trip there. The talks with Olivier Coipel and Paul Pope were pretty interesting; I had met Olivier on Thursday and he (at least seemed to like my minicomic; I don't want to think about what Paul thinks about the copy I gave him, since he says he finds faults with any comics other than Carl Barks, Moebius, and a select other few. I dropped a copy on Chris Pitzer as well; who knows if he'll look at it. Jose got me and Joe a professional crit with Chris Staros, who was pretty hard on us but in a way that dispensed supremely good advice. Jose says this is a good thing; that if Chris is easy on you it's because he sees no hope in the piece and doesn't bother to crit it. I hope that's not just empty reassurance. My first crit with Jose himself was in a similar vein; and my first independent study meeting with Brian was really good- nice and relaxed but with lots of stuff to take and work on. This is all boring for you the reader, and I apologize. So let's summarize all that by saying: I have been given a lot of great advice for what to do with my comics so I now must internalize it all and figure out what to do.

Also, trips to the BMA to see 400-year old prints by some crazy good printmakers. I'm totally doing more printmaking now.
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Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Subject:Everyone in class went, "AWW" when we saw this.
Time:9:49 pm.
So during Seminar today, Allen is showing us examples of all kinds of illustration and giving us basic business info about them. And one of his examples is a guy who quit Marvel and sort of did freelance comics, and one of the comics he commissioned was the following:

Click if you dare

The bittersweetness continues:

But then it just gets downright eerie
with this one.

Alright then. This was all brought back to my memory by my mom bidding me goodbye saying, "G'night, don't let the stingrays bite." Is it all funny? Terrible? You decide!

PS: I remember how, on my trip to Australia, our bus driver Mark really, really hated Steve Irwin. Thought he was a complete moron. I hope ol' Captain Mark isn't too glad right now.
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Subject:I should be allowed to glue my poster.
Time:8:57 pm.
Uh oh, things are starting to move. I have to keep up!

After two thesis classes, things remain a bit... unorganized? Well at least amidst all the madness I successfully switched into Jose's class. I have a feeling he's going to be a huge help with my comics work, so that's really good. I'm pretty alright with someone being hard on me, too, since Brian usually isn't as much.

This weekend is the Baltimore Comic-Con, which while it never has a ton of people I'm into, does have some pretty cool guests, and possibly a chance for me to meet Chris Staros! That's important, just so you know. And possibly some other really cool artists as well. Luckily, Adrienne came in huge for me and helped me finish screenprinting my covers so I've been able/will be able to make some mini-comics to give out. And then I can start selling them, too!

History of Prints is a pretty cool class; specifically I've been pretty inspired to try some more types of printmaking, and so sometime very soon I think a linocut is going to happen.

These are just lots of random thoughts going through my brain!

I got my studio set up, and it's so nice to have the space, especially for putting together thousands of pages of comics. Mini-fridges and mini-comics in my own little space.

I'm excited to start doing lots of stuff again. Unfortunately the fall also brings about what I'm currently paying attention to: the Steelers! Opening night! Here we go! Et cetera.

PS: People sure are mad about the overcrowding in nearly every MICA class. This groundswell of student emotions and involvement is a good thing. I am curious how this is all going to go. Will they listen to us at all? Probably not, but we can hope, and yell, and hope some more.
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Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

Subject:Sometimes I think you've been lost in the woods all your life, Charlie Brown.
Time:9:17 pm.
Hey. School has started! Though not entirely in earnest. It's that slow easing into things. But that's okay for now. Tomorrow is the first day of senior thesis and once I've got a feel for that I have a feeling the routine will fall right into place. This past week has been a jumble of running all around. It's almost like having two places because Laura has moved into the Meyerhoff (with my grudging help at 8 am on Saturday, but it was all good), and so I spend time there, but try my best not to abandon Christian, Evan, and Ray. Luckily this semester I've got a class with Evan and one or two with Ray, depending on which thesis I land in. So that'll help!

Lots of random fun things have happened since school started. Trudi seems like a pretty awesome teacher. "Tits on Paper" and "Hollywood Crain" are scrawled across my syllabus. Ex-truckers who teach art history? Sounds good to me.
A party at Mike and Evan A's was a good time, though Evan A was a no-show for the time I was there. But we did crowd into Evan's room and have some pretty awesome conversations during the time.

Hey! MICA needs to add more classes. Jane told me about having to add a session of "Toys!" for next semester and she seemed a little sad about having to put off her Tea class. Meanwhile Ray gets scheduled 9 credits, no lit classes, and he's a senior? What is that? MICA is growing so unlaterally, and it's pretty frustrating sometimes. Also I was mad there was no air conditioning in our new room for Sequential. I'm a sweaty boy.

Here's a thought. I've been reading this interview with Charles Shultz done by Gary Groth from Fantagraphics. And it's so good. And... I got really sad. Because I will never meet Charles Shultz. I guess because I was thinking, hey, I make comics. And maybe someday I can get comics published. And so then I would know Gary Groth. And then I'm one step away from Charles Shultz. All in all, a very pathetic, fan-boyish way of thinking. But the guy made a complete masterpiece for 50 years. And it resonates so strongly in me. It makes so much sense to me. I've been told, "You're Charlie Brown." And I took that as one of the best compliments imaginable! So in a way it's okay not to have met Schultz. If you've read Peanuts, if it makes sense in that deep intangible way, then you know Sparky just as well as anyone.

So that's comforting.
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Monday, August 21st, 2006

Subject:She loves you, she just doesn't want you to get diseases.
Time:11:17 pm.
Another trip to western PA, another awkward readjustment from that atmosphere to the about-to-start-school one.

Last Thursday I hopped in my car and headed home for my last visit of the summer. I hung out and was reading my "The Education of a Comics Artist" book (surprisingly good despite having pretty much the worst cover ever), and then we had to get my car inspected early, but it all went well, and Dad fixed the squeaking brakes and non-working A/C to boot, so I've got a quieter, cooler car that is road-legal for another year.
We ate burnt-ish hot dogs and hung out on the deck until the bugs forced us inside. I tried to stay out but was rewarded with itchy bites instead.

I spent Friday morning wandering around and eventually made my way to Goodwill, spending my money on two shirts, only to have the one I really wanted somehow not fit, despite being my size. Oh well. I got a polo shirt with Mickey Mouse for the little emblem on it (an older school Mickey, none of this super cute new stuff) but it'll never compare to the Mighty Mouse shirt.
Friday night I went to Pittsburgh and met up with Chris, who had locked himself out of his apartment. After remedying this, I was able to meet the famed Igor, who I know can say is not my 'replacement,' because he's way too popular with the ladies to be comparable to me. We played some pretty sweet rounds of Halo with Lauren, who is the best girl Halo player I've yet met, and is wasting her time making out with boys other than Chris.

Saturday morning Chris and I got up and went to a place that I don't remember the name of, and got big tasty breakfasts. We headed off to Kennywood for our two-man adventure, and the day proved much better than the weather predictions would have us believe. We had hit almost every excellent ride by 1 or 2ish, and it hadn't rained a drop, instead growing insanely sunny, hot enough for us to go for a water ride. Why is it the Raging Rapids is so much fun, yet always completely soaks you? As Chris ripped pieces off of garbage bags and we wrapped up our cell phones and wallets in anticipation of this, old pal Brad came out of nowhere with a ladyfriend, so we reminisced and so forth, especially with all the bandies around reminding us of our embarrassing high school days. Well anyways, Chris and I kicked it to the Rapids, got soaked, and right around the time we had dried up we were running for cover as it started to rain. We sat under a pavilion while a friendly old couple talked to us, with the guy informing Chris that I live in Bal'more not Baltimore, and that we should enjoy all the young girls running around in the rain.
After it cleared up, we were wandering around, and decided to ride the Swings, and while we were sitting in the seats awaiting the ride's beginning, everyone on the other half of the ride screamed and jumped up and ran away, because a giant rainstorm had suddenly started dumping rain like mad, yet we were protected by the ride mechanism. Faced with being soaked no matter what, we ended up riding the ride, which they for some reason still ran, along with a smattering of other nuts, and realized that this was the perfect way to end a trip to Kennywood.

The rest of the evening involved a trip to Butler where I took care of mundane things while Chris took really long to come pick me back up, though I must concede that he had a pretty sweet reason for it. We hit up Eat'n'Park for a late dinner, then played video games back in his place at Pitt before hitting the hay late that night. I was sad to go the next morning, mostly because I was enjoying my time at Chris' and I miss my friends from back home and would've liked to see more of them and my family, but, school is starting and it's time to face growin' up time. Bear with me as I do so!
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Thursday, August 17th, 2006

Subject:I forgot that one of my nicknames is "Peachfuzz," thank you Sue!
Time:9:29 pm.
Aw man, I keep neglecting this poor journal. Days of my life are slipping by like that, never to be remembered again. I guess that's sad.

Okay so what did I do? Not much of note. Well okay, I finished the website! Go check it out if you want. It looks okay to me. I mean I'm pretty happy with it but there are little cosmetic things I'd like to make better, which I will do at some point I suppose. But it felt good to just kick my butt for a week or so, just getting something done. Something really done! Because all the work I've put into the collection of Let's Just Be Friends comics, it hasn't produced a real thing yet. Just lots and lots of pieces.

I've written a couple comic stories but want to write more and more. I'm not sure how I feel about Let's Just Be Friends #5 but I think my hesitance is because I tried something new, which is never all bad. I will just finish the art and have it be. That will be good.

So right now I'm at home. I had to get my car inspected, and I tried to fun-up the trip a bit with a trip to Kennywood. As it stands, it looks like it's only going to be me and Chris, but that's not so bad, as Chris is as good a person to go to Kennywood with as there is. Hopefully that will be fully planned very soon. My family will be leaving to go camping for the weekend, but having the house to myself is not actually something I am relishing. With Jim and Kenny on family vacations and Chris stuck in Pittsburgh working, my house has no one to host. So I'm searching for a way to remedy that. And if I fail, then I guess there's always sweet TV, friend to all.

I miss Laura and wish she could've come along. I am anxious for school to start, and feel sort of nervous about how unsure my first week or so will be. I wish more than one MICA faculty member would return my e-mails. These sort of jumbled up feelings are totally harshing my mellow. Yeah, I just said that. Maybe I'll write another story.
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Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

Subject:And she looks like Blossom!
Time:3:24 am.
Yikes! I haven't written in SOME TIME.

I could try to write a nice, long email about the various niceness of a trip to the beach with both my family and my girlfriend. But hey, it's 3 am, and I don't really have much in me. Suffice it to say, I was quite glad to spend a week with my family, enjoying the beach and just generally chillaxing as they say. It was made all the better because Laura came along so I had someone to talk to and take lots of nice walks on the beach, skipping stones in the ocean- well, it was more like... smooth coral, and the waves mess things up, but nevermind any of that. It was still good.
We watched 'Walk the Line,' 'March of the Penguins,' 'As Good as it Gets,' and 'Jarhead' over the course of vacation, all of which are pretty decent movies. 'Walk the Line' wouldn't be interesting if it wasn't about Johnny Cash.
I read a handful of books, including Eric Schlosser's other bit of investigative journalism, "Reefer Madness," which was pretty intriguing. Also read: Michael Kimmelman's "Portraits," required for we illustration seniors, and if any of you haven't read it yet, don't worry. you're missing nearly nothing; Evan Kuhlman's "Wolf Boy," which was not very good and I only read it because of the graphic novel subplot which turned out to be even worse; and "Life of Pi," which was a lot better than I expected.

Anyways all my enjoyment of the vacation has been completely marred since I got back, because as I unpacked I discovered that I must have left my precious mighty mouse t-shirt in the condo, most likely under the couch where my sandals had been hidden temporarily. It was my favorite, favorite shirt. I am heartbroken and shall wander shirtless in protest.

Well anyways I got some pretty decent ideas rolling during vacation; the beach is a pretty good work environment for me. So I've been working like crazy to get things wrapped up before school starts so I can get things going. Makes sense, right? And in the midst of that suddenly I'm trying to figure out plans for going home for a car inspection (and possibly Kennywood??), wrangling a million people trip to Medieval Times, and just generally enjoying what's left of summer.

And so with all of that out of the way I announce:

www.JordanJeffries.com! Whoo! Go, visit! Well, no, maybe you shouldn't. Because for a couple weeks it's gonna be nothing but the "coming soon" page. When it's actually something, you'll all know.
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Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

Subject:i must have fruit!
Time:8:52 pm.
a lot happened this weekend and correspondingly this post will be overlong. enjoy!

friday was laura's big 21st birthday, and her golden one no less. so fun was naturally a necessary scheduled event. we hung out and goofed off and i gave her presents, and i was glad to see her smile and to see bobble dwight finally freed of his package.

we went to ellicott city for dinner with her mother and steven later that night. it was a good time, despite the obnoxious high schoolers trolling the area (and eventually being seated right next to us.) but our mexican fiesta at la palapa's (say that five times fast) was quite good, in spite of a highly skeptical waitress and the onslaught of mariachi singers taking a break from their odd covers of "walk the line" and "tequila" to sing a birthday song for a forcibly-sombreroed laura while we were surrounded in a sea of maracas. it was a nice evening and laura came back to baltimore for a little more time together before heading home.

so while laura spent her saturday afternoon at the jane austen society tea, i slept til rather late and cleaned up a bit for chris and jess' visit, which commenced in the early afternoon. after some intial indecision, the three of us headed to hampden for walk up and down 36th, beginning with a nice atomic books trip and ending with running from fat elvis to the car as the rain started in hard.

laura joined us in the evening and we headed to the red robin in towson, the promise of all-you-can-eat fries being all we needed for a quality night. it was, i thought, a rather good meal full of excellent conversation, ignoring my proclivity for taking everything one step too far. my five-alarm burger was probably one or two alarms at best, but that was really all the more alarm i needed.

a trip to the towson town center followed, basically to say, "hey, look at this freaking huge mall." we all got candy, except chris, who was probably still shaken from choking on a gobstopper earlier. we massaged ourselves in the various chairs at sharper image, then shaved off my wrist hair. ran into kate and jess immediately thereafter, an experience i'm told was "awwwwkwwarrd."

that evening we came back and watched the amazingly 70's "beyond the valley of the dolls," and various references to superwoman naturally abounded.

sunday was to become an even more exhausting whirlwind trip around the city to various "places of note." i guess i felt obliged to be like "THIS IS THE CITY I LIVE IN."

first up was a late morning trip to the book thing to browse endlessly and frolic about singing "free books! free books!" i came home with a pretty awesome haul, including the whole c.s. lewis scifi trilogy and a ground beef cookbook. take that, vegetarians. jess got the awesomely conceptualized "antisocial cookbook," full of recipes with things like onions and garlic.

afterwards we obliged to check out artscape, so far only known to jess and chris as "that damn thing that has every road out of here blocked!" so about we walked, and as expected, it was the usual batch of amateur and embarrassing art. what was not embarrassing was the makeshift midway where we got deliciously greasy gyros.

with all of that behind us, the day was still extremely young, so we headed to fell's point, specifically for a trip to soundgarden, but also for some non-specific wandering that took us to the awesome latin american bargain store. jess got a cd i never heard of. then we took a quick stop at the inner harbor, mostly just to show them what it was like, and also for some comfy browsing around barnes and noble, only to be asked if i worked there despite my completely not looking like it.

so after all that we came back to collapse at the apartment, where i ordered chinese from my pals at paul chen's, and it actually came in 30 minutes like they said, instead of the usual hour. a handsome tip was appropriately applied.
we ate our chinese while watching "time bandits," which was pretty good, though i suppose i may have preferred it as a kid. there were still all those nutty bits of gilliam art direction and imagination to indulge in, though. and a creepy minotaur!

we took a trip to superfresh, more utilitarian than anything, although chris and i got ice cream bars and we all ate them while watching south park and then as jess passed into slumber, chris and i topped off the evening with a few rounds of halo before hitting the hay and saying goodbye to a crazy weekend.
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Friday, July 21st, 2006

Subject:remember that "roll to me" song? i wish i didn't.
Time:1:49 am.
hey superneglectojournal!

lots of stuff has happened. here it comes in bits and peices.

i drove to butler this past weekend. i spent a relaxing evening at home, enjoying my family and ever-crazy canine pal. had a good dinner with dad at good ol' no. 1 china, talked to mom, had a good family dinner with tasty grill food, and watched narnia again. good times.

i spent friday evening/saturday morning at jim's and amidst all the catching up, many hijinks ensued, including but not limited to: helping jim carbonate his home-brewed beer, eating pizza and watching scrubs, putting mentos in diet coke and backing away quickly, scanning barcodes on emergency ponchos, yelling at chris on the phone to hurry up and come visit, drinking jim's beer, and mostly watching as jim installed taps into his keggerator. it was an interesting evening to be sure, it was really good to catch up with my friends, and was full of our usual dorkiness.

on sunday my pal sarah ditch rode back to baltimore with me. she talked, i talked, the conversation was very good and made the ride much better than it is alone. it was cool to catch up with yet another friend i don't see enough of these days. sarah indulged me by hanging out for a little bit once we got here; laura showed up and we all watched sweet arrested development and ate italian ice. sarah took off with her baltimore pal and i hung out with laura for the evening. chipotle was attained and jim gaffigan was giggled at.

artscape is slowly taking over campus and the downtown area in total, and it's both annoying and pretty cool. i dunno, after a year of trudging around this same small area and growing ever more familiar with it, it's pretty cool to see a ton of tents and stages suddenly camped out all over it. of course, it's also a total pain and man i hope it doesn't get too nuts.

meanwhile laura and i saw that there newfangled pirates movie. it's pretty okay. if you don't go in with too high of hopes it's pretty alright. it's got it's entertaining moments, though it is crazy-long. of course, it is full of PIRATES, and pirates are so cool no matter what. and when johnny depp is on screen as a pirate, you're gonna win.

this weekend is the big laura birthday bash/chris 'n' jess visit/superfuntimes weekend, so, be jealous, i plan to have a grande olde time.
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Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

Subject:junior beastly entry
Time:8:56 pm.
just some thoughts. some excitements and reflections.

i finished "fast food nation" and i'm mad! i have to keep this anger in mind every time i go "oh chicken mcnuggets mmm." everyone should go read it. seriously! it's just full of so much information that everyone deserves to know. way too much for me to tell you here.

meanwhile back on the ranch. i've been sketching some comic ideas. one pretty decent idea. the rest aren't as developed (or in some cases, good at all) but it feels good just to be sketching. i was partly inspired by craig thompson's "carnet de voyage," which is way way too good-looking to be culled from travel sketchbooks. but it is. so i must keep sketching. MUST.

laura and i watched the wizard of oz the other night, it was a lot cheesier than i remember. we had a really awesome weekend. we had a sort of long date-cation, which is like a date vacation. i guess you could call it that. we ran into jon and ariel at arundel mills of all places. we had a bad time trying to get pizza hut to deliver us pizza (but that crust is just so tasty!) but we succeeded the next night thanks to michaelangelo's. we watched "amadeus," it was pretty good. that laugh was... well, it prompted us to declare mozart the spongebob of the composing world.

oh! and so we went to the belle and sebastian concert on saturday night. ted leo was great opening, but it was a bummer because he only had half an hour! what is that? there were so many awesome ted leo songs left unplayed. i hope he comes back. then broken social scene played, and they're really good, although an hour of music you don't know isn't super exciting, but laura is great company, and we were enjoying a nice evening on the lawn with nachos to boot! and then belle and sebastian came out- they sounded great. regrettably, they seem to be growing popular amongst the high school crowd, and they played a ton of newer songs for the younger fans, but at least they did "judy and the dream of horses" to open the encore. so that was as good a note as any to part on.

through a series of connections through mica, i've got this thing where i drive to towson to teach this friendly grandma lady how to use her digital camera with her computer. it doesn't pay fantastically but for an hour of really easy work it's not so bad, and it's only two sessions, so it could be worse. and it's right by chipotle, so i stopped and ended up with the biggest burrito i've ever seen. it's huge, even for them.

laura and i watched chef ramsay yell at more crap chefs; i maintain that this season's contestants are killing the show! 9 pm mondays on fox! decide for yourself.

i'm basically working all of these first three days of the week so i can go home for the second part. so that's what i'm doing now and that's what i'll be doing for quite some time. mmm.
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Monday, July 3rd, 2006

Subject:would you eat the moon if it was made of ribs?
Time:12:18 am.
so i made my papaya pie, and it turned out pretty good! laura approved, though she could've just been humoring me. all in all, i was pretty happy with it. it was a sort of quiche-y filling, in that i had added beaten eggs to the sugared fruit and such, but i found that it helped keep the pie from being super heavy and such. anyways. i make another pie sometime. or move on to some other sort of recipe.

on thursday i heard directly from whitney about some of the happenings in the illustration department. i met the new faculty, although it sounds like they'll just be teaching stuff like illustration 1. they were friendly and very young. and while i had heard some disappointing news from ryan smith that we, the entire department- classes, studios, and all, were moving to the fox building, whitney made me feel a lot better about it. for one thing it sounds like everyone who applied is getting a studio as a result. plus they're apparently totally renovating it, including putting in a/c, so if they can make the fox building un-terrible, then perhaps it's all for the best.

so anyways. then i had a weekend of great enjoyment, i'd say!
i had tried to screenprint a few days earlier and it had turned out not well, in part due to the screen i've been using. so i stopped by mica and caught brian and he's again helping me out big time.
i also worked out a trip to the library that involved getting a few pretty awesome cds, including william shatner's "has been," the cd he did with ben folds. it's, well, laura hated what she heard, but i can't deny a william shatner/henry rollins duet. and in case you're wondering, yes, he just talks on every track. just like you'd think he would.

laura and i hung around the house that evening mostly. we had a fun time watching penn and teller's "bullshit" which is this show where they reveal various things that are, well, bull... from bottled water to alien encounters to feng shui... it's pretty funny at times, and some pretty horrible shysters seem to be revealed every episode, so that's okay with me. it's amazing how many ways people will scam innocent folks out of money. and saddening!

ooh later we watched "spinal tap," which is always classic. "here lies david st. hubbins... and why not?" we were blown away to discover the lady who makes the tiny stonehenge for them is none other than angelica huston! she looks so much different that young.

on saturday laura and i went everywhere! we went to arundel mills in the early afternoon and walked the whole gamut. nothing was bought, but much was observed and enjoyed. did you know there are like four or five perfume stores in that mall, with progressively worse names? (the best being "perfumania.") i felt guilty about wishing that "books-a-million" wasn't more like barnes and noble, because while i know giant corporations are on the whole bad, the inclusion of a "joe muggs" coffee area was just so depressing. we gazed at medieval times and dreamt of going in. we were disappointed by the candy stores. we laughed at the random part of the mall that's decorated like a giant bowling alley, but could not find the big coke bottle neon entrance.
the late afternoon/evening was spent in white marsh, first going to the GOOD candy store for a few things, and then dropping by target to grab a few essentials. then we stopped at superfresh to get the stuff for my mini-barbecue. we came back and i grilled my burger and we sat down to watch my sarah silverman dvd; it was okay, although sometimes her 'edgy' jokes are still a little racisty seeming for me. but there were some pretty funny moments. best quote: "jews driving german-made cars: it's the opposite of fubu."
aahh and then we played 'outburst' and i guess i won but it was so close it hardly counts. there were some amazing categories. how was i supposed to get "the ability to fall" for "things you need to ski"??
so we topped off the evening with the reliably funny will ferrell dvd, and as much as i thought i wouldn't like it since i've seen it so many times, the goulet sketch, harry caray, and the devil-can't-write-songs skit were all still awesome.

today was a random day. i cleaned up and kind of generally got myself together. i hadn't been getting much done when ray and i sat down to play on his playstation, only to discover it doesn't seem to read games well at all anymore, only dvds. so we went to the inner harbor and he got a replacement just like that. we walked around and talked, it was a cool little afternoon excursion.
i spent the evening reading and not much else, and then mike hanes (and evan's groaning in the background) convinced me to come hang out. so i went down to mike's place and had some good conversations about things like cannibalism (don't ask) with him, evan, hairy jon, and ariel. much talk was made about whether or not mike could eat 5 double whoppers. i had to vote no.
then we ran to ariel's place where we witnessed the pure beauty and magic of the venture brothers second season. ohhhh so good! it was hilarious. it was enough to make me rue not having cable!
but not enough to make me actually get cable or anything... that's... expensive.

anyways sorry about the mondo entry. but... no one made you read it, suckers! whoo. that's all for now!
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Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

Subject:you donkey!!
Time:1:21 am.
yesterday i pretended to be a cook! well sort of. i got the recipe from my mom for this quiche she used to make for us a ton when we were younger. it was pretty easy, or at least "hard to mess up," as they say. so it seemed to work out pretty well! it tastes more or less like i remember it, so heck, add this to my small but hopefully growing repertoire.

while eating the quiche, i watched "hell's kitchen" with laura. hmm. this season is sort of disappointing- no, correction, the contestants are disappointing. chef ramsay is still hilariously abusive. but heather seems to be the only one with the potential to actually handle a restaurant of her own. i see no dramatic conclusion like last season (which i would actually want to see on dvd, oddly.)

so that's what i did yesterday, discounting work, which is never much to speak of. which of course means i have little to say of today.

i have an extra pie crust lying in the freezer now. meanwhile i've been searching for something to do with the mass of papaya i've had lying around that isn't as sweet as it should be. i sense a pa-pie-ya in the making.

to be continued?
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Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Subject:he hates these cans!
Time:9:40 am.
i had a good weekend! good thing too because today at work it's pretty nuts. precollege has begun and it's like it's a regular school semester. i've finally begun screenprinting; on wednesday adrienne came over and helped me mix ink and taught me the proper ways to all the various steps, and helped me through my inability to make a decent pull.
so friday started with me feeling productive and doing the next color; currently i have one last layer to print (and hopefully it won't look like crap/of the 200 i'm printing i'll have at least 100 good ones).
that evening i dropped by jon's birthday party, which was a good time with cool kids and good food. it was nice to visit and such, though i had to get going to get to laura in time. but not after an unsuccessful but still nicely jovial trip for firewood. i regretted not being able to stay longer though.
laura and i had a grand olde time this weekend, and recently we've watched some pretty good movies, such as die hard, the jerk, stolen kisses, and grizzly man. on saturday i took laura out and we got chocolates from the sweet factory ("i wish this is what real candy factories looked like") and later braved the rain to get all-you-can-eat french fries and tasty meals from red robin. a burger with pineapple on it? you betcha.
on sunday i managed to do a little drawing; not much, but enough to make me feel good about drawing. and i cleaned house pretty alright.

there's a lot more going on than that i feel, but, that's all i have for now.
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